Time to talk about phones

Everyone has a phone in 2017, even elementary schoolers. The youngest person I’ve seen owning a phone was some first grader when I was in 5th grade. He brought his iPhone onto the bus and showed everyone, like he was the coolest person on the planet. Who are you even going to call? He probably just got it to play Angry Birds or Minecraft or something. That joke actually wouldn’t have made any sense back then, because Minecraft came out in 2009 and that was only the PC alpha. I’m not sure when the pocket edition came out. In any event, he didn’t need it.

I got my first phone as an early birthday, just before turning 14. Most of my classmates had phones by then, but I used a website called Pinger to generate a phone number and text people with it. It wasn’t the greatest form of communication, but it worked. You couldn’t send pictures or make calls, though. That was the only stipulation. It was an LG Optimus, but one with a slider keypad. I actually really liked the keypad. Even though all the keys were pretty small, it helped me remember the locations of all the keys a lot better. The only downside was that you couldn’t put any cases on it for protection. Actually, that wasn’t the only downside. It only had 1GB of storage because I didn’t have an SD card, so all of the updates for every app I had wouldn’t download even though the settings told me I had over 200 MB.

Also, because it was already an outdated model when I got it, a lot of apps weren’t compatible with the phone. I had to learn the hard way that you have to be careful with how you treat your phone, because I used to leave it in the bathroom while I showered and then water damage ruined it. I got a second phone of the same model, but the warranty wouldn’t apply because the phone has a strip on the inside that tells you if water is present. With everyone constantly looking down at phones, I’m sure there will be a spike in neck pains and problems. Fortunately, I know of an amazing reno chiropractor if that every happens to me.

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