First week back in school

Now that I’m a senior, I don’t have to take a full schedule of classes anymore. I still applied for the maximum amount of classes, but I didn’t get a full schedule for every trimester. I have five classes, then three, and then I end with four. My current 5th period is a senior project class, which is this big job shadowing project that all seniors have to do. It runs on an A/B schedule, so I only have it every other day. During my second trimester, I only have to go to school from 9:15 to 1:30. All the classes that I got aren’t terrible, but I was just hoping for some easy classes where I could relax since I don’t really need them at this point. Unfortunately I got stuck in botany, and every class we have to go outside in the garden and work the dirt.

We haven’t planted anything so far, but we did till the land and clear all the weeds out of the way. Carrots, radishes, and beets are the best plants if you’re looking for ones that grow in winter. My other classes are American Sign Language, which kinda sucks because the class is entirely freshmen, Economics, which I love, and English. We always discuss weird stuff that doesn’t matter in my english class, like the importance of language or how words influence culture. Nothing relevant to real life that has real-world applications, of course. It’d be nicer if we could learn something like how to start a business, just like how my buddy in Las Vegas did. He didn’t have to talk about all this hypothetical theory of knowledge stuff to learn everything about short-term rental permits.

Next trimester I’ll have economics, guitar, and botany. I’ve really been looking forward my guitar class, but I need to talk to my counselor about it. I’m currently signed up for guitar 1, which was only one of my picks. I wanted to take both guitar 1 and 2, because I would have an opportunity to refresh my mind as I already took guitar 1 last year. I want to fill up one of my empty spots with guitar 2, and I’m willing to just forego guitar 1 entirely to take it instead. It’s the beginning of the year and everyone’s switching out of their classes, so I’ll wait for a more ideal time to speak with my counselor about it.