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Asbestos Abatement Tips

October 27, 2020 JR Fent 0

I came across this article about asbestos abatement tips.  It outlines what symptoms are present if there is asbestos in your home or office building.  Asbestos is highly toxic and can be found in homes and buildings that were [Read more…]

chp in rearview mirror

Drugs, Guns, and the CHP Trooper

October 26, 2020 JR Fent 0

We were teenagers – so of course, we were going to botch this up. Illegal gun – stowed. Illegal drugs – stowed. We were both scared to death. Randy still wasn’t going to look back. Then it happened…. When I [Read more…]

My free time

October 12, 2017 JR Fent 0

Can you guess where this topic came from? Me neither. But if I somehow could, then I would make an educated guess and say it came from the same article as my last few posts. I guess we’ll never know, [Read more…]

Grocery shopping last night

September 18, 2017 JR Fent 0

Last night we went grocery shopping for the week right after driving home from dinner. Of course, I had to drive, even after driving for three hours the previous day. We were buying groceries for the week, which we usually [Read more…]

First week back in school

September 12, 2017 JR Fent 0

Now that I’m a senior, I don’t have to take a full schedule of classes anymore. I still applied for the maximum amount of classes, but I didn’t get a full schedule for every trimester. I have five classes, then [Read more…]

Another HUGE Lie by Hillary.

October 23, 2016 JR Fent 0

The media gave her a pass on something that she said which I yelled at the television about.  HUGE LIE that nobody called her on the carpet for.  We have 100% energy independence.  This is not even close to true! [Read more…]