Grocery shopping last night

Last night we went grocery shopping for the week right after driving home from dinner. Of course, I had to drive, even after driving for three hours the previous day. We were buying groceries for the week, which we usually do on Sunday nights (or Monday nights if we forgot the day before). While I was at the grocery store, I actually saw one of my mom’s friends from church. She was telling us how expensive pet care is in Oregon, so we told her where to go for affordable overnight dog boarding. My mom’s trying to eat healthier, so now we have to plan out each of our meals and we’re not supposed to eat out anymore.

It probably saves her a lot of money too. Interesting stuff, I know. I don’t really know what we’re eating past Tuesday, but I know that we’re eating barbecued baby back ribs tonight. We usually slather them in a sweet & zesty sauce from Famous Dave’s which is by far my favorite barbecue sauce of theirs. Tomorrow night we’re going to have enchilada casserole f0r my official birthday dinner, and then probably go to Baskin Robbins afterward because carrot cakes don’t last long when there are four people eating them. There are only two slices left because we bought it so early in advance. Overall, we bought fruit snacks, scones for breakfast, baby back ribs, cereal, bananas, chips, and other assorted snack foods/lunch ingredients.

We also bought all the necessary ingredients for making enchilada casserole, which included enchilada sauce, a good hamburger, sour cream, taco seasoning, a can of Old El Paso sauce, chopped cilantro, tortillas, and a bag of shredded cheese. A whole lot of love. Just kidding, you can’t buy that. Unless you’re some crusty old man living in a gold mansion and the love comes from a 20-year-old model. In addition, my mom got the new Snatched movie from Redbox, which has Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer and they get kidnapped somewhere in South America or something. I wouldn’t know, I was busy working on my personal essay. Hammering away on those keys, talking about myself. Sounds easy enough, I already do it every day.